3X more stamina
3X more stamina

Encourage Children to
Choose Nutrition

A lot of mothers would agree that outside food is so easily available and accessible these days that it’s becoming more and more difficult to make children choose food options with the right nutrition. While you try to incorporate more fruits and veggies into their diet, also try to curb the sugary aerated drinks that probably cause more harm than the chocolates and chips you might be trying to discourage. Choosing to add Boost to your child’s diet will improve intake of 7 key nutrients by at least 4 times*!

Little Boy with Football

Improve physical
performance with Boost

As you teach your children to practice a balanced diet, make sure you don’t miss out on those harmless-appearing beverages that constantly sneak into your child’s life in the form of random thirst quenchers. Those fizzy drinks and sodas can be harmful for your children, they ruin teeth and nutrition alike! Boost is a nourishing beverage that significantly improves micronutrient status* (Vitamin B1, B2, B12, Folate, C and Iron) and taken as part of your child’s daily diet plan. It is an easy and tasty drink that can unleash your child’s potential by enhancing their endurance and fitness+. 


Add protein
to diet

With all the studying, playing, and running around that your child does all day, it is crucial to pack your child’s food choices with nutrition. Boost contains protein and nutrients known to maintain muscle and bone function. A deliciously nourishing drink like Boost can really help your little one add 3 times more stamina+.

Boost is scientifically/clinically proven to improve status of 7 key nutrients (Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C, Folate, Iron) by at least 4 times

Refers to VO2 max (maximal aerobic capacity) – an valid index measuring the limits of the cardio respiratory systems ability to transport oxygen from the air to the tissues at a given level of physical conditioning and oxygen availability