3X More Stamina
3X More Stamina

Help Your Child Juggle Better
With A Nourishing Beverage

children have a hectic line-up of activities that take up most of their day, and a lot of times their proper meal timings, adequate quantities, or balanced nutrition ends up being compromised. Their constant on-the-go routine forces them to spend a lot of time away from your care, leaving little time for you to make sure your child is getting the right nutrition. A junk food item is always waiting to tempt them wherever they go. Drinks like Boost can help supplement your child’s nutritional requirements, in addition to a balanced diet, without taking up a lot of time and effort from their busy schedule, or yours. The pre-mixed ready-to-go variant (Pocket Boost) is easily available, and your child can simply grab one enroute their daily errands as well.

Girl With Boost

Add in some extra doze of
energy in your child’s day

While children are always running low on idle time, their energy requirements are high during their growing years and it is crucial to fulfil them. Boost can help improve your child’s stamina and provides them energy to keep them going+. You may want to give him/her an energetic start in the morning, or he/she can have a yummy refreshment in transit between activities as well. 

Give Your Children The Energy They
Need To Study And Play Harder

Adequate nutrition is vital to build a strong foundation for a child’s growth. Boost contains 7 key nutrients which help your child’s body utilize oxygen better to produce more energy and enhance their full body endurance**. Moreover, it is easily available as well as easy to prepare that your child can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. You can either prepare it at home by simply adding it to a glass of milk or buy them a premixed pack that they can have on the go while juggling between their various activities like school, tuition, coaching, playing, dance lessons etc. 

Boost is not just a nourishing drink, it is also tasty for a child to consume it willingly and extremely simple to make with hot milk/chilled milk as per preference.

Boost is scientifically/clinically proven to improve status of 7 key nutrients (Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C, Folate, Iron) by at least 4 times

Refers to VO2 max (maximal aerobic capacity) – an valid index measuring the limits of the cardio respiratory systems ability to transport oxygen from the air to the tissues at a given level of physical conditioning and oxygen availability