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Become A Boost Badminton Champion

Badminton is an energy-packed racket game played by two (singles) or four (doubles) players, evolved from a similar game called 'battledore' played in China in 5th century B.C. It gained the status of a medal sport during the Summer Olympics Games in 1992 and is a fast paced, fun way to exercise!

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Types of Strokes

On the court, there are various strokes that you need to be able to play perfectly in order to achieve the desired results. Learning how to play these strokes is akin to taking the first step towards becoming a champion. And we help you do just that:


a) Long Serve

The key is to send the bird into opponent's back court but within the serving area. Watch the video to see how you can use the long back swing to good effect.

b) Short Serve

This high-skill shot means the bird skims the net and drops into the court near the service line (preferably in the corners). Here's how you can use a deceptive stroke with a flat arc.

Badminton Round the Head

Round the Head

An overhead stroke played on the left or backhand side of the body.

Badminton Clears


This stroke requires the bird to be hit overhead or underhand and travels in a high arc falling deep in the opponent's court.


Try and hit the birdie forcefully down into the opponent's court by using a full arm follow through. Watch this video to see how you can smash your way to victory:

Drop Shot

The trick to playing this shot well is to reduce the motion of the arm to make the birdie fall to the ground immediately after crossing the net. Here's how you can do it:

Hair Pin

It's a shot where the birdie travels low over the net and drops close to the opponent's side of the net. Watch the video to master it:


To hit a successful drive, you need to hit hard and fast toward the opponent's back court. Master the forehand as well as backhand by watching this video:

Underhand Serve Underhand Serve

Serve from behind the short service line and make the contact to the birdie below the waist. You can outplay your opponents by using the deep as well as short serves.

Badminton Underhand Short Serve

a) Short Serve

To hit the short serve hit the shuttle at a higher contact point and drop it closer to the racket instead of in front of the racket.

Badminton Underhand Long Serve

b) Long Serve

To hit a longer serve, let the shuttle fall in front of you as you swing your racket further back almost to your shoulder level so you generate more momentum before you swing forward and hit the shuttle.