Boost Energy Power Cricket Game
Boost Energy Power Cricket Game
Become a Boost Cricket Hero

Become a Boost Cricket Hero

The ‘Gentleman’s Game’, this classic sport is played in three formats: Five Day Test Matches, One Day Internationals & Twenty20.

While mastering the skills can help you become a champion, your performance on the pitch need to be backed up with dedication and stamina to guarantee success!

Cricket - The Pull Shot

The Pull Shot

If the ball is pitched short and arrives above your waist height, this is your go-to shot. But before you attempt to play it, here's how to get it right:

Cricket - Back foot Defensive Stroke

Back foot Defensive Stroke

This shot should be in your arsenal if you want to survive on fast/bouncy pitches. Watch this video to learn the art of playing it copybook-style:

Cricket - The Forward Defence Stroke

The Forward Defence Stroke

What do you do when the ball is pitched up? Well, getting forward and defending it is one way of playing it. Watch and learn!

Cricket - The Off Drive or Front foot drive

The Off Drive or Front foot drive

When a bowler bowls a half-volley, it's time to use this shot to score maximum runs. Boost hero Virat is a master at this shot. If you want to know the secret behind playing this shot right, watch this video:

Cricket - The On Drive

The On Drive

Sachin Tendulkar has virtually made this shot his own. Now, you too can master it by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Lead with head and front shoulder onto line of ball
  • Dip front shoulder while taking a shorter stride
  • Throw hands and arms out along the line the ball is intended to be struck
  • Keep head close to shoulder with the top hand in control all the time
Cricket - The Straight Drive

The Straight Drive

When a half-volley is bowled, it's time to play a free-flowing straight drive. It's a difficult shot to master, but you can score big runs if you execute it well:

Cricket - The Leg Glance

The Leg Glance

When the bowler gets it wrong, it's time to make the right shot selection. If a ball is drifting down the leg side, play the leg glance to help the ball continue on its course and score some runs. More than power, this shot requires you to get the timing right.

Cricket - The Square Cut

The Square Cut

If you get a ball that's short and wide outside the off stump, it's time to use the 'Square Cut' from your armoury. It's one of the most pleasing shots to watch in the game of cricket. Here's how you can play it to perfection:

Cricket - Yorker


You bowl a length ball and it gets smacked for a six. What will you do? For starters, avoid bowling another length delivery. Instead, try hitting the base of the stumps, i.e. bowl a Yorker. Although very few bowlers in the world can bowl a Yorker at will, it's certainly a difficult ball for the batsman to keep out if pitched in the correct spot. Here's how you can bowl a lethal and accurate Yorker:

Cricket - Out-swing and In-swing

Out-swing and In-swing

The art of swing bowling entails getting the ball to deviate sideways. By aligning the seam towards the left, you can get the ball to swing away from the batsman (Outswinger); while aligning the seam to the right can get the ball to come in to the right hander (Inswinger). But getting the bowl to swing is no easy task. Watch this video to learn how to become an expert at swing bowling.

Cricket - Off Spin and Left Arm Orthodox Spin

Off Spin and Left Arm Orthodox Spin (Finger Spin)

An off break spins the ball from off to leg, rotating clockwise from the bowler. The left arm spinner moves the ball from leg to off. Here's how you can weave a web of spin around the batsman.

Cricket - Leg Spin and Chinaman

Leg Spin and Chinaman (Wrist spin)

Sachin Tendulkar used to bowl leg spin occasionally and turn them a fair distance. It's not an easy delivery to control, but it can prove to be a lethal one if you get it spot on.

Keeping wickets to fast bowlers

Keeping wickets to fast bowlers

Imagine a fast bowler running in and bowling at 150 mph. While it won't be easy for the batsman on strike, it will be equally difficult for the wicket keeper to collect the ball cleanly. But there's nothing that can't be learned. If you aspire to become a wicket keeper like Dhoni, do watch this video:

Standing up to the stumps

Standing up to the stumps (Spinners / Medium pacers)

Nothing on the cricket field can be tougher than standing up to the stumps to a spinner / medium pacer. Like Dhoni, one requires agility, nifty footwork and fast hands to become a successful wicket keeper. Here are some tips to help you succeed.